Feds Charge Us To Tell Us To Eat Less


Ok, I’m fat. I get it already. I really don’t need a daily bludgeoning by the mainstream press with the blunt instrument of ‘news’ stories about how we’re going to Hell in an extra large casket to know I’m overweight. But the Food Nazi segment of the Nanny Staters are nothing if not relentless.

Now they bring us this amazing ‘news’:

‘A new report suggests restaurants should dish food and fight fat at the same time, meaning menus with more fruits and vegetables, smaller portions and better nutritional information.’

Captain Obvious rides again. And does anyone who goes out to eat really pay any attention to the nutritional information? Good grief, if it’s rabbit food, it’s ‘good for you’. If it’s anything else, it’s just good. Duh.

‘With burgers, fries and pizza the Top 3 eating-out favorites in this country, restaurants are in prime position to help improve people’s diets and combat obesity. At least that’s what is recommended in a government-commissioned report being released Friday.’

‘Government-commissioned’ = We Paid For This.

Now, get this:

‘When Americans dined out in 2005, the leading menu choices remained hamburgers, french fries and pizza, according to The NPD Group, a market research firm. The presumably healthier option of a side salad was the No. 4 choice for women, but No. 5 for men, according to the eating pattern study.’

Survey Says - give us junk! That’s why we go out to eat, to enjoy it. We can eat bark bits and twigs with a delicious fat-free, low-sodium vinaigrette dressing at home, but once and awhile we want to remind ourselves what fried lard sticks dipped in mayo taste like. Who wants to live to be 100 and die craving the McSlab O’Fat you deprived yourself of for your whole miserable life? And if restaurants make potion sizes smaller, do you think they’ll charge less? Hell no, they’ll charge more and brag about how ‘healthy’ their meals are.

All to satisfy the government morons we kicked out of our bedrooms only to find policing our kitchens.